• Investor Track @ F1 Founders Rally

    20 SEPTEMBER 2024, 12pm - 4pm


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    Our investor track is exclusively curated and dedicated for Investors, VC, Entrepreneurs, Heads of Corporate Development, and M&A Executives to discuss current Investment, IPO, and M&A landscape around the region.

    "We'd like to keep things intimate, keeping our invites up to only 100, to ensure highest quality of knowledge sharing and interaction at our Investor Track day." 


    - Michael Lints

  • 2023

    Investor Conference Program

    Main Conference Theme:

    "Accelerating Southeast Asia: Seizing Opportunities Amidst Change"

    12-1PM Networking (Light Lunch)


    1-1.10pm Welcome / Opening remarks

    Chris Kearns - CEO Depositary Receipts, BNY Mellon


    1.10-1.20pm Keynote​ Address - Why Vietnam: the opportunity in a ‘SEA’ of Change

    Key takeaways of the recently released 'Vietnam: A Global Engine of Growth' report co-authored by GGV & BCG/BCG-X.

    Hanno Stegmann, Managing Director & Partner, BCG


    1.20-2.05pm Panel - Riding Southeast Asia’s Rollercoaster

    Investors and founders share their experiences on the twists and turns of the region’s funding climate and economic outlook.

    Moderator: Francis Giglio, CEO Hong Kong, BNY Mellon

    Speakers: Kelvin Teo, Cofounder and Group CEO, Funding Societies

    Magnus Grimeland, Founder and CEO, Antler

    Pinn Lawjindakul, Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

    Terence Lee, Principal, Warburg Pincus


    2.05-2.30pm Fireside - Unlocking a SEA of opportunities: expansion and exit strategies in a changing world order

    Hear from the founder of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing fintech company, Xendit, who will share insights into how he has built the company first conquering indonesia and then Southeast asia. How is Xendit navigating through the current economic climate and its plans for growth and an exit?

    Moderator: Cassandra Seier, Head of International Markets, NYSE

    Speaker: Moses Lo, Founder & CEO, Xendit


    2.30-2.45pm Coffee Break


    2.45-3.15pm Panel - “ Offence or Defense: Winning strategies in the global private markets”

    In today's market, is it true that investors are taking a more defensive approach to investing in private markets? We will hear from both capital allocators and seekers from around the world as they share their views on what they think are winning strategies in this current economic environment.

    Moderator: Sean Murphy, Partner, Cooley LLP


    Keyvan Peymani, Venture Partner, Griffin Gaming Partners

    Abhay Sagar, Asia Pacific Private Investments, M&G

    Lo Toney, Founding Managing Partner, Plexo Capital


    3.15-3.45pm Fireside Chat - “Formula One and Startups: A Comparison”

    Both Startup and Formula One are highly competitive, high-risk and high reward businesses; with lessons to be drawn from each other. A Seasoned Formula One racer will share some lessons from his experience of being agile and adaptable to changes in rules and regulations, building a strong team culture of highly skilled and motivated individuals and how to trust your instincts under pressure.

    Moderator: Michael Lints, Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

    Speakers: Kevin Magnussen, F1 Racer, Team Haas


    3.45pm Networking Drinks

  • Investor Track Venue

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    Millenia Tower


    1 Temasek Ave

    Singapore 03919


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    Kelvin Teo

    Cofounder and Group CEO,

    Funding Societies

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    CEO Depositary Receipts, BNY Mellon

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    Hanno Stegmann

    Managing Director & Partner, BCG

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    Abhay Sagar

    Asia Pacific Private Investments, M&G

    broken image

    Magnus Grimeland

    Founder and CEO, Antler

    broken image

    Pinn Lawjindakul

    Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

    broken image

    Cassandra Seier

    Head of International Markets, NYSE

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    Moses Lo

    Founder & CEO, Xendit

    broken image

    Sean Murphy

    Partner, Cooley LLP

    broken image

    Keyvan Peymani

    Venture Partner, Griffin Gaming Partners

    broken image

    Managing Director, BNY Mellon

    broken image

    Lo Toney

    Founding Managing Partner, Plexo Capital

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    Kevin Magnussen

    F1 Racer, Team Haas

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    Tenrence Lee

    Principal, Warburg Pincus


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